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RobotProg is a educational program that allows you to start your first steps in the fascinating computer programming world, in a very intuitive and funny way. Within the program, you can handle a robot that moves on flowcharts that you design. You can change the playing area by adding objects and other robots, besides you can increase your chances rising up the levels.

But, what does the robot do exactly? The robot can move on a ground made of tiles and surrounded by walls. It can move forward and turn, but it can't go through walls. If the robot crashes against a wall or another robot the program stops, and it's time to redesign your flowchart to see what's wrong.

One of the most interesting features is that you can add subroutines to your flowcharts, and they can be called several times from the main program or from other subroutines. I mean, they behave exactly as in any programming language.

If you are an advanced user, it is possible for you to handle and execute several programs or robots at the same time (up to 8). With this feature, for example, you can program games for the robots where they have to achieve a purpose defined by you.

Definitely, RobotProg is a very useful program to help you or the smaller ones learn elementary programming basis that can be found in most programming languages.

Daniel Mantilla
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